• Bender Madsen & larsen armchair leather 1950's
  • Larsen & Bender Madsen armchair by Pontoppidan Danish 1950's
  • Bender Madsen Danish armchair Pontoppidan 1950's
  • L.Pontoppidan Danish armchair leather by Bender Madsen & Larsen
  • Bender Madsen Pontoppidan Danish armchair 1950's
  • Bender Madsen Larsen mid century armchair Danish 1950's
  • Danish armchair Bender Madsen Larsen Pontoppidan
  • Larsen & Bender Madsen Pontoppidan Danish armchair 1950's

Aksel Bender Madsen & Ejner Larsen Danish Armchair 1956

A beautiful and rare Danish armchair of sculptural form in teak and tan leather by Ejner Larsen & Aksel Bender Madsen, produced by master cabinetmaker Ludvig Pontoppidan.

A curved back splat that flows into the armrests supported by teak legs, upholstered in its original patinated leather. Presented at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild of 1956, and in an excellent original condition.


H 81 x W 65 x D 56   cm



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A beautiful Danish armchair with really interesting curves and lines, and original use of leather upholstery. Very reminiscent of the earlier Gerald Summers plywood chair as in the back and arms flow into one. Made by respected cabinetmaker Ludvig Pontoppidan a rare chair today.


Unique Aksel Bender Madsen Design Brought From The Continent to Provide Individual Style For Your Home


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