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  • Mid century bookcase teak danish london 1950's

A Mid Century Bookcase / Room Divider in Teak & Birch, Danish 1950’s

A lovely mid century bookcase/ room divider in teak and birch with brass detailing made by a Danish cabinetmaker in the 1950’s. Beautiful rich amber tones to the teak offset nicely against the birch uprights with brass detailing. The back of the piece is finished in teak as well so can stand against the wall or the centre of the room as a space divider.

A beautiful small practical piece of furniture ideal for smaller urban living while still having that lovely scandinavian mid century style. Comes with original brass key.

H 170 x W 35  x D 100 cm



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Mid Century Bookcase Sourced From Denmark To Add Some Mid Century Style To Your Home.


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