• Vico Magistretti Cassina veranda sofa Italian design 1970's
  • Cassina sofa Magistretti Italian design 1970's
  • Sofa Veranda Magistretti Cassina Italian 1970's
  • Vico Magistretti sofa Cassina 1970's Italian
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  • Sofa italian design Cassina Magistretti 1970's
  • Cassina sofa by Vico Magistretti Italian design
  • Cassina Veranda sofa by Vico Magistretti Italian 1960's
  • Vico Magistretti sofa Cassina 1970's Italian

Cassina Vico Magistretti Veranda Sofa, Italian 1970’s

An original three seater Veranda sofa designed by Vico Magistretti in the early 1970’s for Cassina.

Three separate seat elements in the original pine green upholstery with adjustable back rests, two with adjustable seating angles resting on a semi circular black lacquered base.

As you can see from the photos a really amazing sofa from the 1970’s. A very unique design that really stands out and is so evocative of the 1970’s and Vico Magistretti. A very comfortable piece that would look excellent in any interior.


H 110 x W 258 x D 83 cm


A really nice piece of Italian design from Cassina. The two end elements rotate inwards at 90 degrees and backs open out so it be a high or low back sofa. A fun piece of furniture by world famous designer Vico Magistretti, it looks great to one side or in the centre of the room.

Please see my article on the history of Cassina.


Unique Vico Magistretti Design Brought From The Continent to Give Individual Style to Your Home


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